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Mini Cobras

Do you ever have pain in your back.  Maybe when you get out of your chair, or been driving a long time and your back is stiff?  You know you don't have time to spend. 

1.  Lay on your stomach

2.  With your hands next to your rib cage, inhale,  gently lift upper body up, keeping shoulders down.

3.  Roll down, exhaling:  Repeat 10-15 times.  Start slow and only go as high s you can without hurting yourself


Healthy Green Smoothie

Health:  http://www.health.com/

There are so many options to eat healthy, but we don't take advantage of the resources/knowledge we have in front of us. Plus, we get into ruts with food. 

Nice refreshing smoothie after a great workout sounds great!! 

 Health:  http://www.health.com/

Health:  http://www.health.com/

 Article from  spine-health

Article from spine-health

Pilates and back pain

  Here is an article that will explain why Pilates is so good for you.  If you are an athlete wanting to cross train, or someone who wants to create a healthy and pain free lifestyle, Pilates has been proven to work. The health professional embraces Pilates for its non-impact work.