Week 3:  Back/Tuna sandwich/masseuse/PT needling

Check out our new addition to our weekly additions! 

We are highlighting local businesses that support health/fitness! 

We want to highlight local businesses and individuals that believe in healthy lifestyles as we do. 

Both Susan Mazurko and Susan Dawes Villarreal have a strong commitment to their clients to educate them how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

They understand you not only need to get massages or dry needling, but you need to strengthen your body with Pilates.



Susan Masturzo has over 25 years experience as a Physical Therapist. She has been heavily involved with sports medicine and has worked with the Ohio Ballet, the Akron Aeros and numerous high school athletic teams. Susan is also Tae Kwon Do third degree black belt and teaches both children and adults.

OnPoint performs physical therapy evaluations and treatments. On Point specializes in dry needling. A technique using acupuncture needles to release trigger points in muscles. It is highly effective for a variety of musculoskeletal injuries including strains and spasms. It usually takes one to two sessions to relieve symptoms.

"Luckily I knew a physician who greatly respected Susie and Brian Murphy and she suggested that I give them a try because they have a balanced and mindful approach to Pilates.  For the last five years, I have been faithfully attending weekly classes and my body has changed for the better.  I have much less back and neck pain and I feel strong enough physically to work on six or seven people a day." 

"Frequently massage therapists will also be able to refer you to qualified fitness instructors or physical therapists to strengthen the proper muscles while they work to relax the tight muscles.  When working with clients who don't exercise, it can be difficult to convince them that exercise will reduce their pain in time.  Physically fit clients who exercise frequently can also be difficult to convince that their current regimen or instructor may not be the right fit for their condition.  As with many things in life, it helps to keep an open mind and be willing to try new things.  Also, don't expect miracles.  Pain and dysfunction don't happen overnight, nor will it go away overnight."