Pilates and Personal Training


Personal training, group sessions, and more offered in person at our studio.  BalletFit Body courses give you the tools you need to maintain personal fitness.  Coursework includes weights, roller balls, reformer, and more. 

Schedule individual training or join one of our group classes! Also available: senior fitness programs and community fitness courses. 

Group Classes

Pilates' training system is a mind-body approach to physical conditioning. You will go through a series of Pilates movement patterns using weights and the small ball. All classes are one hour.  You will use weights, small ball and roller. Please bring your own mat if you can.  We do have mats you can use and buy if you do not own one. 

Mat class

Personal Training

A specialized program that fits your needs. If you are an exercise enthusiast, professional athlete or someone that wants to change up your fitness needs, we are here for you. You will go through various workouts using the Pilate’s Reformer, Weights, BOSU and Stability Balls, and Rollers,

Reformer Sessions