Workouts, Trainers...focus and quick fix?

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We are proud to say our clients who have been coming to us on average 10 years.  Why?  We have created an environment where they feel they can sustain a healthy fitness lifestyle.  They do other activities, as we will encourage, because they know the Pilates has helped them do these activities without fear of injury.  CONSISTENCY!!

1.  Can I image doing this workout in 15 years? Creating a lifestyle you can sustain physically and economically.  The QUICK FIX  might last for a few months, THEN WHAT? 

Having a consistent workout routine develops rhythm, which in turn gives focus, and the RESULT? HEALTHY LONG TERM LIFESTYLE! 

2.  Does it hurt? As a trainer, we have a responsibility to guide our clients.  The old saying, "No pain no gain", needs to be carefully looked at.  Yes, you want to "feel" you muscles, but when is it too much?  Listen to what your body is saying, lean on the careful side at first until you understand more fully.  

Other questions:

Are you sure it is ok to swing a 8lbs dumb bell over my head?  Are you sure you should pulse on half point? Are you sure when I squat I am not going to lose control of my pelvic floor?


Next:    Barre versus Barre?  Crossfit versus Pilates? 

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Brian and Suzanne Murphy